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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weekend in Pictures

On Friday, we celebrated our first family member’s birthday in The Netherlands.:)

Elizabeth made chocolate covered Stroopwafels to surprise Guy for his birthday.:) 

Jeremy beat Guy at chess on his birthday.:)

Aunt Conch sent some pretty cool gifts from Japan!:)
 Elizabeth had her first ballet class here on Friday night, but I forgot to take a picture of that.:)  On Saturday morning, we went to Jeremy’s football game...
Jeremy’s team won their Football ( Soccer) match!:)

We went to a food truck festival here in Groningen!:)

We tried Bitterballen for the first time!

some of the food trucks..we were there early:)

Bitterballen...for more info, click here

Before the kids ate the Bitterballen....
I don’t have a picture of the “after” but it is pretty safe to say the kids weren’t a fan. Guy and I, however are hooked! (and the wine there wasn’t too bad either!!!) We will be having bitterballen again!  (To my American friends...get your minds out of the gutter!! You know who you are!!! LOL!!!)

It was a busy weekend and since it is already Tuesday and I haven’t posted anything, I thought the best way for you to experience our weekend here is through the pictures I took!


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