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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Grab 'Em by the Pony!

I have to say that living in Holland is a different experience on many levels, but one in particular is the length of the school year.  The kids actually go to school here until the middle of JULY!!! Yes, you heard that correctly...we will actually be at school on July 4th!!

I think I have almost fully recovered from jet lag having landed back in Holland on Tuesday from Annapolis, Maryland.  Which is a good thing because on Friday, I was able to chaperone Elizabeth's class to Slagharen. If that name sounds vaguely familiar to you, you may have heard about it in this VIDEO that went viral.:)  But, I have to say that as the video suggests you can go to Slagharen and "grab'em by the pony".... you actually can't...because there are no ponies...but there are lots and lots and lots of rides that you can follow 20 nine year olds around to!!!:)

Elizabeth's class:)

My group to chaperone:)

riding the rides!:)

My friend, Judith, and me with our group:)

That is me in the poncho after the log ride!:)

Elizabeth and a few of her friends:) know which one is me...

It was a fun day filled with lots of laughs, giggles, rides, and changes of clothes...but absolutely!!!:)
tot ziens!:)

Wedding Bells!!!

 Elizabeth and I were up at the "crack of dawn" and heading up to the Bridal suite for our hair and make up.:)

Grandma and Grand daughter:)

Beautiful Hima getting even more beautiful:)

Mom and me:)

Elizabeth and Kaitlyn:)

Mom, Hima's 85 year old grandmother who traveled from india, an Hima's sweet mom:)

The beautiful bride on the trolley to the church:)
I didn't bring my camera with me for the wedding since I was a bridesmaid and I thought it would probably look really weird if I was taking pictures throughout the ceremony..but trust me when I say that the ceremony was beautiful and my nephew and Jeremy and Elizabeth did wonderful job during the wedding, and Guy did AMAZING reading the prayer!!!:)

The Arch of Swords ceremony after the wedding was beautiful!:)  For a bit more info on this tradition, you can click here.
A few pictures after the wedding...
The four grandchildren:)

The three siblings on the trolley:)
And then, the reception in Pasadena, Maryland:)
Mom, me and a few cousins:)

wouldn't be a party without Corn Hole:)
It was a gorgeous reception venue:)

My little cousin, Andrea and her daughter, Anna:)
Hima's grandmother led an Indian blessing ceremony...
You put flower petals and rice on the new couples heads and wish them well...
I followed my dad's lead and wished them to have many babies!!:)

My cousin, Carrie, and me:)

Aunt Mary and Nora:)
Beautiful reception...

Great live band!!:)

Toast from the Best Man, Greg:)

And one of the most precious moments from the evening...the Mother/Son dance.:)

And I was a bit late getting pictures of the cake cutting with the sword..but managed to get a few pictures of the happy couple having their cake:)

And then, it was time to boogie:)
Grandpa and grand daughter:)

And it was a perfect evening celebrating the new beginning of such a wonderful couple.  I wish you all the best that life has to offer, Andrew and Hima!!  I can't wait to see where this next chapter of your lives takes you!!! Love you both!!!:)