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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Wedding Bells!!!

 Elizabeth and I were up at the "crack of dawn" and heading up to the Bridal suite for our hair and make up.:)

Grandma and Grand daughter:)

Beautiful Hima getting even more beautiful:)

Mom and me:)

Elizabeth and Kaitlyn:)

Mom, Hima's 85 year old grandmother who traveled from india, an Hima's sweet mom:)

The beautiful bride on the trolley to the church:)
I didn't bring my camera with me for the wedding since I was a bridesmaid and I thought it would probably look really weird if I was taking pictures throughout the ceremony..but trust me when I say that the ceremony was beautiful and my nephew and Jeremy and Elizabeth did wonderful job during the wedding, and Guy did AMAZING reading the prayer!!!:)

The Arch of Swords ceremony after the wedding was beautiful!:)  For a bit more info on this tradition, you can click here.
A few pictures after the wedding...
The four grandchildren:)

The three siblings on the trolley:)
And then, the reception in Pasadena, Maryland:)
Mom, me and a few cousins:)

wouldn't be a party without Corn Hole:)
It was a gorgeous reception venue:)

My little cousin, Andrea and her daughter, Anna:)
Hima's grandmother led an Indian blessing ceremony...
You put flower petals and rice on the new couples heads and wish them well...
I followed my dad's lead and wished them to have many babies!!:)

My cousin, Carrie, and me:)

Aunt Mary and Nora:)
Beautiful reception...

Great live band!!:)

Toast from the Best Man, Greg:)

And one of the most precious moments from the evening...the Mother/Son dance.:)

And I was a bit late getting pictures of the cake cutting with the sword..but managed to get a few pictures of the happy couple having their cake:)

And then, it was time to boogie:)
Grandpa and grand daughter:)

And it was a perfect evening celebrating the new beginning of such a wonderful couple.  I wish you all the best that life has to offer, Andrew and Hima!!  I can't wait to see where this next chapter of your lives takes you!!! Love you both!!!:)

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