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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Gone

When we first moved here in August, I discovered that Jumbo (a popular grocery store over here) carried a type of peanut butter that my children really liked.  We discovered that not all peanut butter is like the Jif we were used to.  Jeremy and Elizabeth were really not happy with the taste (and look) of the other peanut butter.  So, like a good mom, I bought two huge jars of the peanut butter from Jumbo.  I noticed about two months ago that we were down to only half a jar, and I went back to Jumbo to get some more.  I was completely stunned when I got to the peanut butter aisle...there was no more "American style" peanut butter left!!  I hadn't seen it at any other store besides Jumbo.  I immediately started to chastise myself.  Hadn't Nigeria taught me anything?  The number one rule I leaned there was if you see something you really like, buy all of it because you don't know when/if you will see it again.  I had disobeyed my number one rule!

So two months ago, I began rationing the half of jar of peanut butter.  I bought another brand that seemed close to what the kids liked and started to mix it on their sandwiches for lunch.:)  Little by little, I would add more and more of the dutch brand until is GONE!!!!!

Don't tell my kids because they think they are still eating the American peanut butter, and they haven't noticed that they have mostly been eating this brand...

It is exciting to live in a new place and try new things, but sometimes you just want to have some familiar things( and food) around you.:) And when you find you are starting to not have those things around you, it is always nice to know you can bridge the gap with peanut butter.:)

Being an expat mom can definitely have its challenges somedays...but, thankfully today, I think the peanut butter crisis has been successfully averted!:)


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