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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prague day 2- Bascilica and Armory

Our second full day in Prague brought us to the famous Charles Bridge in Prague.  This bridge was built by King Charles IV in the 15th century, and it crosses the Vltava River.  It is lined with many statues of Saints and statues of Jesus Christ.  To learn more about the history of Charles Bridge, click here.

After Crossing the Charles Bridge, we were back at the Prague Castle compound to tour the Basilica and the Armory which are both located on the castle grounds.:)

The Basilica of Saint George was built in 920 and is the oldest surviving church building within Prague Castle.  You can read more about Saint Georg's Basilica by clicking here

relics buried here
But, by far, Jeremy's favorite part of Prague Castle was seeing all the armor!:)

And the room of torture was quite interesting....

I would have hated to be a prisoner back then!! Yikes!

Guy got to shoot an old time cross bow...

He didn't do too bad.:)

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