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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Guilty Pleasure

 So, I thought I would let you in on some more good eats I have discovered here.  One is Fries Sugar bread or Fries Suikerbrood as it is called in Holland.
 Filled with cinnamon and sugar...I have to be careful not to polish off the whole oak by myself!!  Friesland ( where the term Fries comes from) is a province in the northwest part of The Netherlands. It is west of the province of Groningen.  It actually has its own dialect of Dutch called West Lauwers Frisian.  Many Dutch people I have met here cannot speak that language very well unless you are from Friesland.  To learn more about Friesland, click here.
I have to say, the people in Friesland have come up with a tasty treat.:)
 My other find is the chocolate bread from the local grocery store, Albert Heijn.  This is exactly what it sounds like and I cannot resist anything with chocolate in it!:)
But, Jeremy and Elizabeth still can't resist the boxes of Mac and Cheese we smuggled back in our suitcases from the U.S.:)


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