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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day

 I want to take this opportunity to wish a belated mother's day on my blog to all of my family and friends back home who are mothers.  And,  a very special wish for a Happy Mother's day to my own mom who is fighting her battle with cancer with such courage and laughter.:)  She has been my number one teacher in what a mother should be.:)

Another Mother's Day came and went and this time, I was lucky enough to spend it in Holland.:)  I am blessed to have a husband who cooked not only breakfast, but lunch and dinner, but  he was thoughtful enough to give me a gift to always remember our time in Holland.:)  He bought traditional wooden Dutch shoes and strung them together to make a flower planter.:)  When the wooden shoes start to wear out, it is a typical Dutch thing to hang them on the wall and use them for flowers.:)

 Jeremy made a birdhouse for me at school and Elizabeth made me a small jewelry box.:)

The rain held off a bit in the morning and we went out to Paterswoldemeer
 You know we had to walk by the windmill.:)
 All in all a very nice and relaxing Dutch Mother's Day.:)
I hope all of my friends and loved ones back in the US had a wonderful mother's day!  It truly is one of the hardest jobs a woman can have, but one that I truly love.:)

Tot zeins!

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