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Friday, October 21, 2016

Third Day in Berlin

Our third day in Berlin started off with a walk along the streets of the eastern side of Berlin, and we came across these reminders of the atrocities of WW2...

Right there on the corner of this street...
Since yesterday, was a very somber day full of learning about history and the horrors of what war and hate can do to people, we thought the kids deserved a day to have some fun.  A friend of mine in Groningen had told me about the Game Science Center in Berlin, and I knew it was right up Jeremy and Elizabeth's alley!:)  If there is anything that Guy and I have learned in our years traveling with kids, is that you can visit all the historic places, but you need to remember your littles and that they need to have some fun, too:) And, did they ever have some fun...

The animation picks up J's facial reactions.

Listening to a virtual haircut

Making your own story, as you go along with the Chooseatron.

Ping pong video game

Turning your voice into a kaleidoscope on the television cool!
And those pictures were just a few of the things offered at the science center.  Then, after lunch it was time to do some swanky shopping at KaDeWe.  I got to stroll through the department store where I could have dropped the equivalent of $1000 on a Stella McCartney sweater have that kind of money to drop!!:) It was very interesting to see how "the other side" lives.:) But instead, we headed up to the gourmet food floor and the kids discovered anything and everything that could be made into chocolate.  Jeremy discovered chocolate cars!:) And, I discovered a very extensive selection of wines from around the picture of that, though, I was too busy exploring!:)

And they both ended up with a few KaDeWe treasures!!:)
Another great end to a great day in Berlin!:)

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